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trophy moose bowhunts with Lazy H Outfitters

Lazy H Outfitters offers some of the finest moose bowhunting anywhere. We offer trophy moose bowhunts in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains of Alberta, Canada. You won't find a better place to harvest the trophy moose of a lifetime. The North American moose will make a proud addition in anyone's trophy room and Lazy H Outfitters wants to put one there.

Alberta moose Bowhunts

Lazy H Outfitters is located on the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains in the Highwood River pass where trophy moose live. The moose herds are abundant and quality bulls are achievable. Moose bowhunts are done in the calling season in September during the moose rut. Moose respond well to calling and can be called in to within bow range. To have a moose come to a call is a real adrenaline rush and makes for a very exciting hunting experience.

Bow hunters should schedule early hunts in order to have the best opportunity for record-book bulls. Archery hunting is best done in early September when the bulls are using the natural salt licks. We hunt these trophy moose along watersheds, natural mineral licks and boggy bush country. The terrain will vary from poplar/spruce ridges to dense, boggy willow patches. Prime moose habitat allows us to spend a lot of time spotting and choosing your next trophy moose. ATV's will assist with accessibility to some areas, yet most of the adventure happens on foot, spotting and stalking your trophy moose.

If you act fast there is a bonus! With this Lazy H Outfitting hunt is a combo hunt without the combo price. With certain Archery moose tags, you receive an archery whitetail tag for no additional price except a trophy fee. You are hunting for these majestic moose in prime whitetail country, so take advantage of a double trophy homecoming.

If an impressive Alberta moose bowhunt with some adventure and fun is what you are looking, for please contact us to book your hunt.

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